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BRUW is the easiest way to make infusions at home!

Experience the unmatched flavor and convenience of cold brew tea, coffee, and infusions with our BRUW system.

It's simple: All you need are two mason jars, a BRUW filter, and your fave SnarkyBRUW loose leaf blend.

Quench your thirst for health and flavor with these refreshingly simple infusions!

1 BRUW Filter, 2 32 oz Wide Mouth Mason Jars & 1 Instruction Card + 3 FREE Samples
PS: Teal Filters are currently in production & black filters will be sold in the meantime!


1. Add 2 TBSP of loose leaf tea OR coarse ground coffee between the 100-200ml line, approximately 1/4 cup. This is the perfect amount for a delicious cup of tea or coffee, and foolproof filtering.

2. Fill your jar all the way to the top with cool water, attach the regular lid, and let it sit for 6-12 hours for tea & 18-24 hours for coffee.

3. After your cold brew is done steeping, remove the standard lid and attach the BRUW filter–straw side down–into your beverage.

4. Attach an empty mason jar to the top, flip the whole assembly, and watch as the magic happens.

DON'T use hot water for cold brew. Hot water will extract too many tannins, creating a bitter brew.

DON'T over-steep. The longer you steep, the stronger your brew can be. However, over-steeping Green + White teas can cause the same tannin effect as above, resulting in a bitter brew.
DON'T use bagged teas for cold brew. You need 4-5 tea bags per 32 oz mason jar, which produces unnecessary waste and adds a significant cost to your home brew. Loose tea is best for the cold brewing process.

DO choose cold brew specific blends. Most tea makers create cold brew blends using flavor notes and ingredients that taste best cold.

DO purchase our patented, reusable, BRUW filter for the easiest, cleanest, + healthiest way to make cold brew at home.

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